Robin Hood's Bay Day trip

The first trip that I did since I arrived in the Uk was at Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby. It was for only one day, kind of enough time to just see the places, explore the cities, visit the shops and the places to eat.

Robin Hood’s Bay was my favorite; it’s a place near the sea, with small roads full of trees that lead to the sea. If you leave nearby or if you want a day to escape from reality is the perfect place to go even if it’s winter. A quiet small city with lots of places to go for a walk and nice cafes. Don’t forget to make a stop to the fossil museum where you can find a variety of rocks, stones, shells, books to buy, and many more. I was most excited about the sea, cause after one hour the water goes down and you can actually walk to the sand, where before it was just water. You can see it also from the photos.

Whitby is a more popular and bigger place, with more places and stores to visit. The walk on the bridge, the view of the river Esk, the roads between the houses and the stores are the perfect place for a nice walk. Even the cold, it was crowded inside the stores and outside on the roads. The houses have a unique architecture, big similarity not only in this city but with the country also. Whitby Abbey is the historical attraction of the city that you can either go inside to see it or have a walk around it.

Definitely two beautiful places for a day trip that I suggest you visit. Hope during the year I’ll visit more places, explore more the Uk and share it with you. If you have visited the places or if you are planning to, please leave me a comment down below.

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