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5th of December

On the 28th of September, I took the airplane and landed in Machester, Uk, took the train and stopped to Sheffield. A small town where I have to stay for one year, coming close to the middle now, and a place that I got to love as days were passing. It's a nice place, away from big cities, going mostly on foot to explore the city and getting to my classes, as I am doing a Master's here.    

The first thing that I got to like, is the view from my tiny room, thankful to however gave me a room that has a view to the road. Sheffield is built up to 7 hills, so it's quite easy to get a beautiful view. I captured some photos of my view from October till now that I would like to share as they make my day start with the best way. Most of the pictures are doing the morning when the sun goes up and the others are during the evening on the sunset.
Take a look at the pictures, maybe some of them will inspire you. Feel free to share them wherever you want!

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16th of October

24th of October

13th of November

20th of November

5th of December

19th of January

20th of January

21st of January

22nd of January

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