Sheffield City

These photos were taken in the middle of June, only a few days before I leave from Sheffield and come back home. I like to think of it as the last memory of the city that I lived for almost one year. I studied at the University of Sheffield, doing a Master's, and briefly, I can say that it was a beautiful and challenging year.

Sheffield is such a beautiful city, the place that I lived in was surrounded by trees and parks, wonderful places to see, and have a walk, especially during social distancing days. Some of the parks that I visited during my stay and quite enjoyed them are the Endcliffe Park, Stanage Edge, Forge Dam, Rother Valley Country Park, Crookes Valley Park, and Bole Hills. The photos were taken in the city center, a place not as beautiful as the countryside but it had many options for shopping, coffee places, and restaurants and pretty much anything you need. The facilities of the University were something that doesn't remind at all the place that I was used to go and study back home. Beautiful buildings, libraries were they inspired you to study more while everything was organized and fully equipped. 

But most all, the people you meet make your experience and your days even better, and I couldn't be more thankful for everyone that I met and spend some time together. The period of quarantine thought came unexpectedly and everyone needed to face a new reality by staying at home. So, I did the same, I stayed home and I learned also to enjoy time at home. I was speaking more often with friends, I got to read lots of books, I made two puzzles, I was doing my dissertation, lots of video calls, jogging almost every day, buying equipment for exercising at home, started drawing, and taking my time while cooking. In the end, now, I can say that I enjoyed it more than I thought, though many times I had to face moments of boringness and loneliness.

On the 1st of August, I traveled back home, got used to a new reality again, finally got the chance to go out for food and drinks, and see my family and friends again.

It would be nice if you want to take some of your time and write me in the comments below how you faced this period of time while staying and home, just to share experiences, thoughts, and everything else that you want. 

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