Say Yes to Colorful Coats

For this post, I got inspired by my everyday life. 

Most of the time in winter I choose to wear a black coat on top of my black trousers or on top of my black sweater or on top of anything else. It's the safest choice but it gets boring after a while. So, I started checking on Pinterest, pictures with any coat color apart from black and how I can wear them in my everyday life or how to style them in a more fashionable way. I found as always many options with beautiful colors and amazing styling in order to try and fit them in my measures. Two of my favorites are the yellow coat with the white trousers (white color in the winter is my go-to option after black) and the dark blue coat. 

Hope to give you some inspiration through the pictures below, to give you a motive for the next time to buy something with a happier color and why not buy one this winter that you'll find on the sale section. 

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1 comment:

  1. Love all the coats on this list! Could you please ID the coat worn by the woman with blonde hair and a blue cap and black lug sole boots? It's fantastic!